Open Skate and Beginners’ Course!

We are exited to announce that we have moved to training in a new hall in Tondi kool! To kick things off, we will have an Open Skate event on 30th of September and then a new Beginners’ course starting from October.

Learn to skate & play roller derby

The Open Skate event is free of charge and a great chance to see what kind of a sport roller derby is! We will teach you the fundamentals of rollerskating on quad skates, talk about the game and what (or who) is needed for it, and then try out the game for ourselves. Training will be in English and is open to all genders, nationalities, body shapes and ages.

Please register for the training at and/or share the Facebook event or Spordinädal event with anybody who could be interested.

For the Beginners’ course in October, we will be structuring the training so that the first hour or two focuses on beginner skaters’ skills (skating technique etc.) and the last hour or two focuses on intermediate and advanced skaters’ skills (contact training etc.) and in between (in the middle hour or half an hour) we will incorporate “sock derby” (gameplay-like exercises off-skates) with skaters of all levels. This way everyone has both the time to practice on their own and receive guidance on how to improve and understand the game and their skates better.

The Open Skate demonstration training begins at 18.30, but please come 10-15 minutes early so we can find you suitable gear.

The regular training time is 18.00–21.00 on Fridays in Tondi kool spordisaal.

Can’t wait to see you there!