Remembering Our First Bout

Today is exactly two years since our first Estonian Roller Derby Championship bout that took place in Viimsi. Our small team was competing fiercely against Tartu Roller Derby and narrowly took the victory at the end of the second half.

It was a historic moment for Estonian roller derby because it was the first (and so far the last) public bout and had quite a great audience turnout, including fans with home made banners, as seen in this great shot captured by Siim Neerut.

We are hoping to make this our most successful season yet in terms of skater growth and learning so that we can look forward to more of these kinds of bouts in the near future. Feast your eyes on these amazing photos by Nicolas Bouvy and Siim Neerut and get excited for this new season or roller derby training. Let’s make it our best one yet and let’s host another bout soon!